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“Let’s get real here; we took two huge steps back and one small step forward. I haven’t received a raise since July 2010, and under this contract the cost of my health insurance is now practically doubled.”
Jeanene Aguilar
Providence Tarzana Medical Center

“Imagine my co-workers’ surprise when they saw NUHW is taking dues out of their paychecks! I looked into it and they can’t require us to pay dues until we have a contract. If NUHW will stoop this low to cheat members out of our hard-earned money without even getting a contract, what will they do next? They preached integrity and democracy, but where is it? All they want is money because they’re broke.”
–James Stogner, OR, Salinas Valley Memorial

“I’m getting close to retirement and I can’t believe NUHW gave up my pension. Now we have a retirement plan that we only can get something out of if we pay into it. We never had to pay anything towards our retirement with SEIU-UHW.”
—Maria Elena Gomez, Housekeeper, San Francisco Nursing Center

“Don’t be another victim and let NUHW trick you out of your money. We cannot be required to pay dues until NUHW has successfully negotiated a contract.”
–Annie Pritters, Dietary Cashier, Salinas Valley Memorial

“After being ignored for seven months by NUHW, they finally showed up recently–but only to insist that we immediately start paying dues. Are they crazy? We’ve had our hours cut and people are getting written up when they’re sick. They don’t show their face around here for months and now they turn up asking us to give them money to pay their bills? Forget it.”
–Rina Majano, CNA, San Francisco Nursing Center

“After giving NUHW over a year to live up to their promises, we realized that we made a mistake. NUHW has no ability to deliver the results we need such as guaranteed raises. We’re ready to move forward with SEIU‐UHW! I’ve got to give it to SEIUUHW for having many resources and a history of winning good contracts.”
–Joey Casillas, Cardiovascular Radiology Technologist, Doctors Medical Center of Modesto

“I’m so tired of NUHW’s lies. They said they would win a better contract than SEIU and now look at us. We went for over a year without a raise or a contract and now we have to pay for our retirement.”
—Juanita Ulloa, CNA, San Francisco Nursing Center

“NUHWgot us to vote for them almost a year ago, and they’ve got us all hung up in legal problems so we can’t move forward. We have no contract, we’ve never gotten to the bargaining table, and we haven’t had a raise in two years. Management can do whatever they want and we have no help. My supervisor accused me of swearing in front of a patient, something I would never do. My NUHW steward didn’t investigate; never asked for information or any proof. She just told me to sign a paper saying I did it and move on. She’s my steward. She’s supposed to help me, not hurt me. We need our union, but right now we don’t have anything with NUHW. I hope other healthcare workers don’t make the same mistake and vote for NUHW like we did. We just don’t have any protections now. We need help—I need help—but now we’re stuck.
—Maria Rodriguez, EVS Aide, Doctors Medical Center of San Pablo

“We used to have a union contract. We used to have job security. Now, with NUHW, we have nothing. We are afraid that there will be more layoffs, and that any one of us can be next.”
—Myrna King, Food Service, Providence Tarzana

“Since we voted for NUHW in EVS at Los Alamitos, some things have gotten worse. Schedules have been changed and hours have been cut. When we bring issues to NUHW we are ignored. Don’t make the same mistake we did.”
—Fred Cortez, Housekeeper, Los Alamitos Medical Center

“Too many NUHW members have reported feeling pressured and even bullied by our so-called leaders into paying dues, attending meetings, and conforming to their demands. Are we acting in our own best interest? Or, are we acting out of fear? It’s time for each of us to do what we challenge our patients to do each and every day—stand up for our own self interest to win back our professional union, our gold standard contract, and a partnership that so many of us enjoyed and benefitted from. I have signed a decertification card, and I encourage all of you to do so today!”
–Heidi Rechteger, LCSW, Kaiser Sunset/LAMC

“How can NUHW declare our recent PSP anything but a loss? Many of us in Psychiatry got a much smaller PSP payment this year—up to two thirds less than what we got in 2010. With NUHW, we’re fighting harder for less. I’m standing with my colleagues who have decided enough is enough: we’re tired of being in a weak union that can’t protect us from “takeaways” to our PSP and other benefits. We’re organizing to go back to SEIU-UHW: join us!”
—Jeanette Cryer, LCSW, Kaiser Corona Medical Office Building

“NUHW is desperate for our money. They’re telling us that ‘after the contract is ratified, everybody will pay back dues—all the way back to the date the election was certified.’ Ask NUHW what they’ll do if you don’t pay those back dues. If they threaten you or your job, you can file an Unfair Labor Practice against them.”
–Tarry Bartley, MSW, Kaiser Riverside

“When we voted for NUHW, they promised big improvements to our existing SEIU-UHW contracts; now they want us to settle for less. SEIU-UHW continues to win major wage increases with no takeaways for their members—making improvements on their existing contracts, while we are falling farther and farther behind. It’s time to move forward and return to SEIU-UHW.”
—Robert Diaz, LCSW, Psychiatry, Kaiser South Bay

“When NUHW Kaiser nurses called a one-day strike, NUHW boasted that the strike would force Kaiser to respect the nurses’ demands. NUHW was wrong. Kaiser’s response affects all of us, not just the RNs. Kaiser plans to end our free family healthcare and defined benefit pension. If it wasn’t clear before, it’s clear now: we can struggle and strike with NUHW, but they don’t have the power to win. It’s time to go back to SEIU-UHW.”
—Melody Bloom, LMFT, Kaiser LAMC/Sunset

“NUHW told us they could win a better contract and that nothing would change. Now, even after striking, they’re telling us to lower our expectations and settle for less.”
—Garry Brooks, Therapist, Kaiser Fontana

“We have all witnessed NUHW’s failure to deliver a contract. At the same time, they’ve been pressuring many of us for dues, even asking for personal bank account information. We’ve known for a while that NUHW is in bad financial shape but this report—filed with the Labor Department on March 31—makes clear that NUHW is in worse shape than we thought.”
—Jerome Scott, MFT Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Kaiser Corona Medical Office

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