California Nurses and NUHW Headed for Divorce Court

The California Nurses Association is taking NUHW to divorce court, and the San Francisco Business Times says it best in their January 14, 2016 story. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Divorce proceedings: Nurses’ union goes to court to end ‘hopelessly dysfunctional relationship’

…”It’s like a marriage,” said Wanda Jones, a longtime San Francisco-based hospital and health care redesign consultant. “If either partner is a rat, you’re going to have a terrible marriage.”

…No wonder that Pamela Allen, an attorney in CNA’s internal legal department, suggested in an April 15, 2015 court filing that Rosselli’s union seemed to be intent on shackling her union “to a hopelessly dysfunctional relationship and force it to suffer NUHW’s continuing misconduct without a process for seeking a legal remedy.”

If NUHW ends up being booted out of CNA — in part because it hasn’t paid back much of the millions of dollars loaned to it by the larger union — it could face a rough financial road without CNA’s financial resources.

The nurses union, however, might find itself in better shape without having to contend with a difficult partner.

Read the full San Francisco Business Times article.

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