California Nurses Association Dumps NUHW

According to the San Francisco Business Times the California Nurses Association (CNA) is tired of supporting NUHW and wants out of their partnership. This is a major blow to the floundering NUHW which finds itself heavily in debt and struggling to win any improvements for members.

Read Two big health care labor unions appear headed for Splitsville” in the San Francisco Business Times from Oct 12, 2015 for yourself.

The California Nurses Association (CNA) has issued letters to NUHW and filed legal documents demanding a “divorce” from NUHW for “gross violation of the affiliation agreement.” Get the letters and legal documents.

CNA has also been warning their registered nurse members not to believe NUHW’s lies about still being affiliated with CNA, warning nurses that “the CNA Board of Directors has notified NUHW that it is our [CNA’s] position that NUHW is is no longer affiliated with CNA.” Get the CNA flier

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